It is a software based on artificial intelligence that provides assistance to customers 24 hours a day. It is able to simulate a human conversation by providing structured answers and logical sense to the questions that are asked.

Deep Learning

It is a sub-category of Machine Learning. It allows the creation of multi-level learning based on statistical computational algorithms. The highest levels are learned starting from the lower concepts automatically. There is the creation of a neural network that simulates the behavior of the human brain and whose goal is to self-learn and self-train.

Digital Human Interface

It identifies a new three-dimensional and interactive graphical user interface characterized by the presence of a virtual 3D avatar (digital human) that moves in the virtual space and combines the power of human conversation with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and Natural Language Understanding, creating empathy and engagement with users in a unique and unprecedented way.

Information extraction

It indicates the ability of an information system to be able to extract structured information automatically starting from structured and/or semi-structured documents. This process can be applied to different sectors such as Legal, Sales Management, etc.

Artificial intelligence

The ability of a technological system to solve problems or perform tasks and activities typical of human mind and ability.

Natural Language Processing

It is an artificial field of interaction that allows computers to analyze and understand human language.


Machine learning

It identifies the ability of computers to learn automatically based on the recognition of patterns between data.


The ability of an information system to digitize paper documents, recognizing the textual characters and images, making them editable by a word processing program such as Word.


It identifies the simulated reality that is created through technology and allows you to create an immersive and three-dimensional environment that can be viewed and explored thanks to computer devices such as viewers, gloves and earphones.


It identifies the technology that enriches, with multimedia information, the images that are shown on the display. The information that is provided amplifies the sensory perception.

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