Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Business

Effective artificial intelligence applications that solve real problems and needs of people and companies in every sector.

We also shape your idea with our OpenLab.


We create AI virtual employees to support various internal and external activities, processes and relationships

Our virtual collaborators are always active 24 hours a day, they are not chatbots but digital human interfaces that use natural language to communicate and over time, thanks to your help, they will become the most precious colleagues for your team. They manage many requests at the same time, they elaborate even complex data making them easy to interpret and visualize. And if you want, they will comment on them for you, in order to support you in decision making. Bots are always by your side, on mobile, social, web etc. and they also answer the phone or via smart speaker.

There will be the confidant and personal assistant of AI, with advanced skills that allow him to create empathic relationships for the individual person.



Today Social networks have one more expert

Our AI generates important analytics that highlight with concrete data the context in which a content must act, the target personas and the best audience, to optimize the performance of your social channels and successfully increase the lead generation and the value of your contacts, thanks to specific algorithms. Optimize, but also generate content. We have millions of images and videos to generate content, already classified according to macro product and commercial areas. Our social media managers then customize and optimize the content based on the suggestions of artificial intelligence.


An ecosystem that adapts to your needs

OpenAi does not provide a single product, but a real ecosystem of adequately combined artificial intelligence technologies that result in allowing machines to act with levels of intelligence similar to those of the human being.
A modular system, which allows companies to activate only what is useful for their business.
The solutions can be applied to all the different business levels, from customer care, to the customer experience, to management, to production, to lead generation, etc.
We are therefore able to identify the best application for your sector and market, for your audience and your customers, for the success and growth of your company.


Create assistants and virtual employees

Modular and dedicated to every type of company and for every need. Able to help you increase sales, retain loyalty and find new customers, optimize processes, reduce costs, with absolute simplicity and effortlessly, through advanced virtual assistants that can be perfectly integrated with internal systems.


AiLead: social media management through Ai

Increase your leads on social networks thanks to our artificial intelligence. Powerful algorithms analyze your competitors, your target audience and support social media management by providing precise insights for a high engagement and to maximize the value of the contacts.


Collective intelligence

With the increase of the data to be managed and the specific needs of the departments and users, projects are created where multiple virtual assistants, experts in their functional area, interact with each other creating within the company a network of artificial intelligence that facilitate the access and sharing of information.


Coming Soon!

Extra Ordinary Life Mate

From being functional to the ability to create a relationship. An AI who becomes your extraordinary life partner who has the ability to grow through experience, to evolve at any time, just like you, together with you.



An integrally connected system, which leaves the focus on business

Our artificial intelligence model is designed to adapt to existing software, thus facilitating access to the data of all departments of the company and optimizing the various sectors in an increasingly efficient way.


All the power of innovation at your disposal

Machine Learning

Identifies the ability of computers to learn automatically based on the recognition of patterns among the data acquired through experience. Continuous training on information that feeds knowledge thanks to interaction and comparison with the system or simply through mutual exchange with real people.

Emotion Analysis

By identifying the different emotional categories present in the semantic engine, it is possible to customize the response based on the person’s mood and reaction. This promotes more effective conversation and the creation of an empathic bond.

Deep Learning

It is a subcategory of machine learning that allows you to create multi-level learning based on statistical calculation algorithms. The higher levels are learned starting from the lower concepts automatically. A neural network is created that simulates the behaviour of the human brain and whose goal is to self-learn and self-train.

Business Intelligence

Technology that allows to support the user in the measurement, analysis, decision and action, based on the data collected by one or more IT systems. It favours the control of results and performances as well as decisions in cases of uncertainty.


NLP (Natural Language Processing) allows computers to analyze and understand human language. NLU (Understanding) specifically deals with the understanding of automatic reading, text categorization and content analysis. By means of NLG (Generation), however, the system must make decisions on how to transform a concept and data into words.

Information Extraction

Indicates the ability of an IT system to be able to extract structured information automatically starting from structured and / or semi-structured documents. Info aimed at carrying out certain actions.

Speech & Visual Recognition

Programs that allow both to make speech recognition comprehensible to a machine and, through machine learning, allow to classify, label and identify visual content in the space observed.

Big Data & Predictive Analysis

Large quantities of structured and unstructured, extended and variable corporate data for which a specific set of analysis and informatics methodologies are necessary to extract value and knowledge. The main purpose is to verify and validate possible future scenarios and consequential actions.


An Ai driven company

Artificial intelligence and business operate collaboratively thanks to advanced assistants or virtual employees. The entire organization participates in making the best decisions, being able to use data quickly and intelligently. The company improves its reputation, increasing performance and competitive advantage.
Simplification, optimization of times and processes, resources, costs etc. to improve customer relations, marketing, sales and internal organization.
Let’s do an analysis of the status of your company, the people, the data present and share with you the appropriate way for the adoption of artificial intelligence so that it can actually integrate and generate real benefits.


We start from clear and simple costs for standard and complex solutions.

Together with you, we evaluate the best solution based on the objectives and complexity of the project and the various integrations. If required, we carry out PoC (proof of concept) and feasibility analysis.


Partnership & Credentials


It is a place where creativity and innovation meet. A center of excellence dedicated to the creation, development and realization of Ai solutions destined for the market. It was also born with the aim of supporting our customers in the realization of existing projects or in the realization of new projects that require a strong innovative component.